Monday, October 18, 2010

Professor Yana

I like the articulation. He has the same as most of the newer Doctor Who figures, although the joints were a bit stiff.

In my attempt to build up my Doctor Who collection, I've decided to try and get at least one version of each of the Masters. A fellow Time Lord, the Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes, the Master can regenerate into new bodies, so multiple actors can portray him. When they reintroduced him in the new series he had to take over the body of an old dude. Or something like that. I don't want to spoil it too much.

But this does mean that one of the greatest actors of stage and screen (Sir Derek Jacobi) ended up playing the Master for a brief moment. Again. (He voiced the Master in an old web-toon. Back when they thought Doctor Who was done forever on television.) And they made a action figure based on it. Originally part of a box set, then a single card, I got it loose on ebay. From England. I really wanted this guy. He's one of my favorite interpretations of the Master ever. (After Eric Roberts... Screw you, I'm allowed to have my own opinions.)

Even though this figure is called Professor Yana, don't make any mistake, he's the Master. (Although they already have a figure in single card called "The Master," so unless they called it "Pre-regeneration Master," this makes sense. Sort of. ) You can tell by the way they sculpted the eyes and expression. Yana (pre-Master) had a softer expression and wide, expressive eyes. When Jacobi played the Master he had a scowl and angry eyes, which this figure has. Also, the figure clearly feels a bond with my other Master figure.

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