Monday, October 18, 2010

Captain Marvel & Black Bolt

A two-pack of Marvel Cosmic characters. Sort of. While both have alien origins, they have a tendency to get involved with Earth matters a lot. Although for Black Bolt that's because he lives on the moon.

Who we get here are Captain Marvel, Kree soldier and weilder of the might Nega-Bands, who served for a while as a super-hero on Earth, gaining the respect of the Earth heroes until he died of cancer. His legacy lives on in the form of offspring, time travel, and Skrull impostors. This is a pretty good interpretation, although to be fair I had hoped we'd get the Genis Vell version of Captain America. (This Cap's son and weilder of the Nega Bands for a while in a very well written series by Peter David.) But this is the more iconic version of the character. Also, he had some buzz on when he was released due to the character's involvement with Civil War and Secret Invasion.

The other one here is Black Bolt. His wings are attacked to his fore arms, so they look like wings rather than a cape. Good show.

All-in-all, these are nice minimates, although the lack of real accessories, like say an unmasked head for Marvel, or a hair piece for Black Bolt, doesn't make these guys seem like 100% must haves. Get 'em if you like the characters, are a completist, or if, like me, you're trying to obtain the entire roster of a fictional 70's super-team made up of various disconnected Marvel heroes.

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  1. hey, i really like the Black Bolt- nice job on the wings