Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Panther & 90's Storm

I think this is the first minimate 2-pack with a married couple. Oh, wait, no, sorry, forgot about the Cyclops/Dark Phoenix 2-pack. But hey, Black Panther figure is cool. I've got a few Storm figures already, but this is 90's storm. I don't know why that's important because I don't know what the character was doing in the 90's that was so impressive. She was on the fricking Gold Team for craps sake. The non Jim Lee team. Who cares.
Actually I guess this is interesting because it's the start of figures that look like the characters from the 90's X-men cartoon. Man, I hope they release a Morph figure.
I gotta say though, I'm not loving the capes. I hate capes on action figures, even minimates, because they restrict posing options. And on these guys... yeah. I forgot Black Panther had a cape. I'm not happy to be reminded via minimate.

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