Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doctor Who ebay Lot: Rose

Next up from the 22 figure ebay lot is Rose, the 9th & 10th Doctor's companion. I never thought I'd get the companion figures, but after getting Captain Jack I became much more open to the idea. There have been two different Rose figures. The first one was horrendous, in that it had almost no articulation and had a really awkward pose. This one has a more natural/neutral pose. It's also wearing a far more fashionable outfit, unless I'm mistaken it's the outfit from the story New Earth.

Which actually means that this figure could also be of Cassandra in Rose's body. So it can serve double duty! Hooray. Although I seem to remember the outfit in that story having more buttons done up. One button? That's kind of risque isn't it? Kid's show!

The likeness is fairly good. You can tell it's supposed to be Billy Piper, although the sculpt makes her seem more masculine than I remember. The articulation is more limited than later figures in the line, with no bicep swivel, no elbow joint, and no cut wrists. This results in a more natural looking arm, but a sadly less posable figure. The legs don't have a mid-thigh swivel but other than that have the surprisingly good articulation of the Doctor Who figure legs. All in all I like this figure, which surprises me because the lack of arm articulation would have made me think I'd be against it. But no, it's actually a really nice figure to look at and fits in well with the rest of the line. Glad it was in the lot.

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