Monday, October 25, 2010

Mole Man & Sue Storm

I already have a Sue Storm minimate, although I have to admit that this version is a lot more detailed and attractive than the other one which featured the limited design of the early minimate line. Imagine the difference of style of the Silver age comics and of modern comics and you get a pretty good idea of how insanely different these figures are. Also, that figure only came with a small transparent shield to implicate her invisibility powers. This one has a stand that simulates her ability to levitate using her invisible shields, she has a transparent shield, and she has both solid paint limbs and semi-transparent limbs to simulate her "turn invisible" ability. It's a far superior minimate.

The other figure is the first minimate appearance for a rather important Fantastic Four Villain: Mole Man! So yes, this pack was a must get for me. Mole Man has tiny feet to simulate his shortness. It's odd, but it does create a perceptible height difference between minimates. He's not a midget, but he seems smaller. His cape is too heavy, making it damn near impossible to make his stand up unassisted. (In this photo he's leaning against the case in the background. In the future I'll probably need a lego brick.) I hate that damned cape.

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