Thursday, October 21, 2010

The eBay order

Okay, this is one of those informational posts about something I'm going to do on the site.

A few weeks ago I purched a lot of Doctor Who action figures from eBay. It cost more than I probably should have spent, but it had some hard to find figures that I've been jonsing for lately. So anyway, I won. (Technically I pressed "Buy It Now.") And then I got a package in the mail.

It had come. My order of 22 Doctor Who Action Figures.

Over the next few weeks I'll be returning occassionally to figures from this box. So you've been informed.


  1. Twenty-Two!? Holy Toledo, Man! You just made me feel a lot better about my rampant E-Bay spending :D

  2. THE FACE OF BOE!!!!! im so jealous! im at about 80+ figures my self.. so if i had one i don't know where i would put it!! Scored the tardis playset once and like seven figs for 50 bucks off kijiji once.. he even droped it off at my door... Deals of a life time do happen!!