Saturday, October 30, 2010

90's Beast & 90's Rogue

Continuing the process of releasing minimates of the 90's X-men, specifically the ones from the 90's X-men cartoon, here we have Beast and Rogue. We've already had both characters released, but this Rogue has a jacket and the big poofy hair that everyone remembers and is basically the iconic version of the character despite all the redesigns over the last 20 years. It's a great figure except for the big boots that go past the knees. Thos are actually attached to the feet, so it results in some awkward posing any times the knees have to bend.

Even weirder are the oversized Beast limbs. The enlonged fore-arms are actually just really just long hands. I get that Beast's thing is supposed to be his odder limbs that allow for increased agility, but damn, it looks wrong. Dude looks like a furry Mr. Fantastic. He does come with alternate hands so you can replace the longer forearms with normal hands, so that's actually pretty damn cool. It's a great figure.

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