Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Robocop and Figma

Everybody went and got the Figma Metroid figure, so I wanted to play too. But I don't really care about Samus, so I went and got Figma Robocop instead. Let's see if I enjoy these "rather expensive for a 5 inch figure" toys.

Out of the box and it's pretty neat. a little flimsier than I would have expected, but otherwise good. I really love the posability of the figure and its sturdy enough not to need its figure-stand. On the downside, I have trouble getting some of the accessories to stick properly and I don't even want to try messing with the figure to put in the alternate leg pieces. I can't find the steams or figure out the proper way to pop the thigh parts off. I worry I'm going to break it. Otherwise I kinda like this.

But, I'm interested in what you can do with this scale, so I picked up one of the Figma Ride vehicles. In this case an amusement park Bear Car. How does Robocop look on it.

Hmm... Not perfectly to scale, but close enough. What about some other 5 inch figures?

Huh. So that's a thing.


  1. Looks pretty cool. I just got the NECA version, I'm not a big enough fan of Robocop to pay that much more for a figure.

  2. Neat! I seen these version of RC online but the price keeps scaring me away lol.