Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

Ever since I got back into Legos, I've wanted a Lego Riddler. Alas, I had to wait for the return of Batman Legos this year to get one. And then they only released the Riddler as part of this overly large Lego set. I saw it at Toys R Us for $50, mocking me, because even though I wanted all the minifigures, I wasn't paying $50 for it. Of course that's all due to Toys R Us markup, at the actual Lego store you can get this set for $40. Sold.

There's a batcycle made from technic pieces and a carnival set. Actually the carnival set is pretty cool. You get an on-rails rollercoaster cart and many of the parts are designed for play value. There's trap doors that open up, a giant swinging mallet that will knock characters over (and even knock them into the roller coaster cart), and there's a winch to lower any hostages into the fish barrel. There's even a spare Riddler head to be used in one of the Carnival Games. For $40, this is a pretty good set.

Also, as mentioned, awesome minifigs. You get Joker, Riddler, Harley, Batman, Robin...

... heck, you even get exclusive minifigures of Thomas and Martha Wayne!

Or maybe I'm just making crap up at this point.

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