Friday, September 13, 2013

Violet Parr

Violet is my favorite Incredibles character, and the one I was most looking forward to playing in the game. I was really hoping that they would get Sarah Vowell to do the voice again, and they did! It's awesome hearing her do super-hero banter and quips... as well as her impatient idle time lines. In the game her regular attack is throwing force field bubbles at enemies, making her one of the few Disney Infinity characters to get a distance attack as her regular attack. Her "Powerful Attack" isn't actually an attack, she turns invisible and enemies will ignore her. And while that's cool, your attacks are strong enough that it doesn't really matter if the enemies see you or not. So sometimes it feels like a wasted opportunity to have her... I dunno, have an exploding force field. (And yes, you do get to use her force field as a force field; it's her "block" move.) Still, she's proven to be my favorite character to use in the game. 

The figure itself is a little odd. The paint varies from figure to figure, and I noticed that at one store all the Violet figures had a rosy face that wasn't apparent on the figures I had seen at other stores. Like they had all been given a layer of blush. (The makeup, not the facial reaction.) Another issue is that the character model dictates very thin arms and legs and a stick of a torso, which ends up giving the figure a flimsy feeling not apparent on the other figures, most of which are basically blocks of plastic.

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  1. Nice! We still have as of yet to get Violet. My wife's pretty excited for her though.