Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A vs X, Toys R' US Poll set

So for the Toys R Us box set of A vs X, they had a poll where people could choose the 4 figures that would be included in the set. Of course they later just released the other two figures as their own 2-pack in a later wave of Toys R Us exclusive minimates, basically making the whole thing a sham. But I remember when they did it, I was insanely disappointed by the choices. Because really, I don't give a damn about a bunch of variants for characters that already have minimate figures. New characters: that excites me. So I pretty much wrote off this entire set.

Until it was on sale for under $10 because of how beat up the box was.

The figures still underwhelm me, although the number of insane extra parts for the Iron Man figure amuses me. But the rest of them aren't really amazing if you already have figures of the characters (which I do.) The Protector is the most different, looking radically different than the Marvel Boy figure that was released as part of the Dark Avengers set. Of course the character no longer looks like that so, what's the point. In fact, I think Scarlet Witch looks exactly like her old figure.

But I will say this, I appreciate the fact that they gave the characters accessories to make them all look different.

That extra bang for your buck is why I love minimates.


  1. At lest you got a good deal on this one.

  2. Scored the Phoenix Killer Iron Man man in an eBay auction for a couple bucks recently as he was somewhat unique- not a terrible set


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