Monday, February 3, 2014

Hooded Michonne and Crawling Zombie

The Toys R Us version of Hooded Michonne is much better than the direct market version because of the Crawling Zombie's alternate legs. Actually I wasn't going to get this set until I found out what the outfit under Michonne's parka was.

I love the way the neon skirt and top make Michonne look like she's headed towards an 80's theme party. Also, the guts on the crawling zombie are awesome and a neat variation to the typical minimate design. And I really appreciate that they give you his legs in case you want a more traditional shambling zombie. They've really been doing great jobs with the zombie figures in this line, giving you enough spare parts to customize the zombies any way you want (so if you don't like armless figures you don't feel cheated out of an arm) or letting people use them as variable army builders

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