Monday, April 21, 2014


Whelp, looks like the Toys R Us Clearance Blast has gotten to the point where I'm picking up toys I've been interested in but not enough to pay for. Now it's Dino, from the Flintstones. An animated dinosaur with surprising articulation...for under $1.25.

I was always kinda interested in these Hanna Barbara figures, but they all had weird paint or bad sculpts or all the reviews online said they had any number of issues. It basically put me off them, but at this insane price, sure, I'll get a dinosaur.

I remember when these first came out I was interested in Dino because of all his articulation. I count 9 and there might be more! I mean he has ball jointed shoulders and a tail with two points of articulations! (Cut legs though, what?) I wondered if he could be posed both on his hindquarters and all fours while actually looking natural.

The answer: kinda.

The bone is kinda a lame accessory considering he can't hold it. Although I guess you can pose him in close proximity to it? 

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