Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Traffic Cone Zombie

I've only been able to find these figures at Toys R Us for $3.99 and that seemed way too much for what you get, but I gotta admit, the number of joints that this guy has almost makes it worth the price.


As in, no, it's not worth $4. GET IT? I DID NOT THINK I GOT MY MONEY'S WORTH.

That said, I do like the extra articulation. The heads are ball joints, which makes them semi-unique for building brick minifigures. And I'm digging the 70's style for the zombie. The traffic cone's a little difficult to keep on his head, but it's a nice interpretation of a sci-fi traffic cone. (Unless traffic cones have antennas now and I just haven't noticed. RC Traffic cones? The future is so bright that I have to wear tinted prescription glasses.)

I might get other figures from the set if there's one of those "buy one get 1 half off" sales that Toys R Us likes to do.