Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dinobot Slug

I'm suddenly interested in Hero Mashers now that they're making figures of the G1 Dinobots. Unlike all the other Hero Masher Transformers the Dinobots only appear in their dinosaur modes, which is smart because that's the part everyone loves.

Since the triceratops was always my favorite, I picked him up. It's pretty awesome. Now instead of having a robot triceratops that turns into a robot but which I will never transform into a robot because I prefer the look of a robot triceratops I instead have a robot triceratops.

One whose mouth is jointed like in the original toy. Actually most of his joints are ball joints so you get a surprising amount of possibility here. And his limbs are designed to be interchangable with Spider-Man figures, so they're pretty versatile too.

The arms leave a little to be desired.

He comes with a stegosaurus tail so you can try out the Masher/interchangable body part feature, but for me that's kinda an after thought. 

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  1. Haven't pulled the trigger on any Masher, but they look like fun.