Monday, October 6, 2014

Minimate Monday: Prison Hershel and Farmer Zombie

Okay, quick ground rule for Minimate Monday: The answer to Why Did I Buy This Toy ™ is always going to be because they're minimates and they're either of a property I have a minimal appreciation for or because I think the figure looks cool. That's all the thinking that usually goes into why I buy minimates. That said, if there's something of unique interest that made me REALLY want a minimate set then I will bring it up.

That said,

I sometime wonder if the reason they package Hershel with the Farm zombie is because they're both farmers. Seems like kinda the easy way to go, like maybe they're running out of steam. Not that I can blame them, when you're doing variants of the Hershel character your creativity reserves are probably exhausted and in desperate need of a break.

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