Monday, November 3, 2014

Minimate Monday: Peter Pan Pirate Ship

I mentioned last week that I only buy minimate vehicles if I want the figures that come with them. This is a prime example. The only way to get the Wendy and Smee minimates was to pick up the Pirate Ship that came with them. This made them the most expensive figures to acquire and also meant I would end up with a second minimate pirate ship since this is pretty much just a repackaged ship from the Calico Jack minimate pirate line. (Remember that? I barely do. But if they release more figures I'll snatch them up, because I have a sickness and it's called minimates.)

There's some differences, to be sure. The mast is larger to match the one from the movie and the sails are different, but the base ship is the same. I dunno, I would have just preferred they released the figures seperately.

I'm sure they knew they had collector's by the balls. Who would get Peter Pan minimates but not get the Wendy minimate? Weirdos, that's who.


  1. They make Peter Pan Minimates?...wild.

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