Sunday, June 18, 2017


I don't pay attention to WWE figure schedules, but this blindsided me. It's a wave of NXT figures that's a Target Exclusive. This specific Elite figure and all the basic figures come with Tubeman BAF parts. 

They made wacky waving inflatable tubeman action figures. Kinda expensive, but this one comes with a bonus Bayley figure. 

Sadly, I don't want any of the other figures that come with tubeman parts, but if I did, oh man I would be so on that. I'm really hoping for some showing up cheap on ebay in a few months once they're easier to find in stores. (Right now the tubemen as loose parts are going for more than the cost of the figures.)


  1. Cool! Never seen this one before.

  2. The inflatable tubeman figure would be the most interesting of them all. LOL