Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crankstart and Galvatron

I decided to give the Kre-O transformer minifigs another chance, mostly because there was a two for one sale and Galvatron sort of impressed me when I read other people's look at the figure. I had hopes that Crankstart, who turns into a four wheeled vehicle, would look a lot better than the other minifigures.

Sadly I was wrong. He looks exactly as I feared, a figure tipped on its side. Just one that has wheels attached to his feet.

Meanwhile Galvatron was actually pretty good. And best of all, his transformation was more than just disassembling him and reassembling him in a different way. He actually sort of transformed without removing that many parts. And best of all, he doesn't look like someone just tipped him on his side.

And they did a damn good job with his robot mode. A friend happened to see it and could recognize him immediately.


  1. Galavatron i think is the best out of the wave for sure.

  2. I really like Galvatron but I agree about Crankstart....not too good...

  3. Dammit, I didn't even know these existed five minutes ago. Now I want Optimus Prime minifig.