Friday, October 5, 2012

Street Fighter vs. Tekken

I never really got into Tekken, so I've never been into Tekken figures. But when they did a Street Fighter crossover, and then made figures of that combined property, suddenly I had a reason to get some figures.

Since every Tekken figure is combined with a Street Fighter figure, this is a good way to fill out the ole' Street Fighter minimate collection. The Marvel vs. Capcom figures can only use the characters that appeared in the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game (the Ultimate edition characters are out, so no Rocket Racoon or Phoenix Wright, sad face).That means the only way I'm getting Cammy is to get the Cammy vs. Nina Williams pack.

Cammy! My second favorite Street Fighter character, as a minimate. I have just enough knowledge of Tekken to know that Nina Williams is an assassin, so, here's a picture of Cammy kicking an assassin.

Who else is there? Sagat and some guy wearing a Jaguar mask!

Ken and a guy wearing boxing gloves!

Poison and some creepy little blonde girl and what the hell they made a minimate of Poison?!

Poison first appeared in Final Fight as one of the bad guys that repeatedly gets beaten up by the good guys. During the Street Fighter Alpha games the Final Fight characters were integrated into the Street Fighter universe. This included Poison. Now the thing about Poison was that when Final Fight was first appearing in North America there were some people that had issue with a bunch of men beating up women. To allay these fears, Capcom claimed that Poison was a transvestite. Then later they just said Poison was a woman. But the internet and other things still conspire to claim that Poison is a transvestite, or a transsexual.

Given this ridiculous back story, I'm astonished that they made a minimate of the character. And also whoever the the hell the blonde girl is. The back of the box says her name is Lili and she's the daughter of a world famous oil czar who loves to street fight. Because that's what the children of rich people do. You know, that's why Paris Hilton is always street fighting.

Now I just need to wait for the Toys R Us figures to come out so I can get the TRU exclusive Guile and Zangief figures. I'm sure they'll also come with Tekken figures I won't know.

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