Monday, October 29, 2012

Vindicator and Box

Since I'm trying to collect a good Alpha Flight minimate team I decided to go out and get the Toys R Us exclusive set of Vindicator and Box. Vindicator is the female version of Guardian, which makes sense since she's his wife. Heather Hudson took over the role when everyone thought James Hudson died. She became the leader of alpha Flight and got engaged to another Canadian hero, Madison Jeffries.

Jeffries was a support character to Alpha Flight until a bunch of weird crap happened (Madison's insane brother who had the power to manipulate flesh the way Jeffries could manipulate metal, plastic, glass, etc, manipulated then merged with the original operator of the Box armor) and Jeffries was forced to take over the Box armor. Considering his powers, Jeffries was able to reshape the armor into anything he wanted, and helped him move from the third tier Gamma Flight to the first tier Alpha Flight team. During that period he got engaged to Heather Hudson until it was revealed that her husband was actually alive. After that he got married, was brainwashed into helping various villains commit genocide against mutants, and then was rescued and became a member of X-Club, the X-men's super-science team. Damn that was a lot to type out.

Both figures come with a few accessories, including hair and an alternate visor for Vindicator and an alternate hand for Box. Box also has a head underneath his armor, showing the form Madison has when he's merged with the armor.

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