Sunday, December 2, 2012

Johann Sebastian Joust

I've tried not to do this kind of thing, but screw it:

Johann Sebastian Joust is a game that uses Playstation Move controllers, but is played without ever looking at a screen. In fact right now it's only available as an early test build that's only able to run on a Macintosh. The idea is that each player holds a move controller. You have to get the other players to move their controller beyond the acceptable threshold (determined by the pace of the music) while keeping your controller as safe as possible. Last player standing wins.

Go and fund the kickstarter to get this game made on PSN, Mac and PC. (It's packaged with other games with equally unique premises). If you don't have a PS3, you can fund it at a level where they give you the controllers. PSN has agreed that funding this game essentially counts as a preorder if the funding is successful. They're being very generous considering the developers are essentially making a game that must use Playstation controllers but can be played on non-Playstation systems.

But go fund the game so they can make copies and I can finally play this game.

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