Monday, December 17, 2012

Toxic Avenger

Oh, Shocker Toys. The only toy company that makes Mattel look on the ball. And They were totally going to make block-style minifigures... and they kinda came out but no one noticed, probably because no one ever saw them in stores.

But give Shocker credit, they know that to get attention you need to actually have product available at comiccon. Hence they actually create a Toxic Crusader minifiure for Comiccon. And it came with real accessories! A mop! A barrel that's supposedly full of toxic waste!

Hey, who remembers seeing the non Comiccon variant in stores? Or anywhere? Anyone?


I got one through BBTS. Because I love the Troma ethic and well-articulated minifigs. Incidentally, Shocker sold the Indie Spotlight license to another company, which is desperately trying to get public sourcing for it. Previous attempts have failed... failed spectacularly. (Incidentally, don't pledge. Unlike Kickstarter, the sites being used recently automatically charge regardless of whether goals are met. They keep your money even if their goal isn't met and they can't produce anything.)

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