Friday, December 7, 2012

NYCC Alpha Flight Box Set 2

Only available at NYCC or exclusive online retailer, if you want to complete your Alpha Flight minimate collection you need this. What's Alpha Flight without Sasquatch, Essentially the Hulk if he was Canadian and turned into a cryptozoological creature? Also, possibly magic. And Snowbird the goddess of nature in the great white north and Shaman who... Okay, clearly this is the set filled with the Canadian Stereotypes. I'm shocked they didn't include a Mountie (aka Captain Canuck, he joined Alpha Flight in the early 2000's)

Instead they included the French Canadian who has MPD and spends half her time as a nun. The other half is a slutty femme fatale anti-hero. Is that a Canadian stereotype? I'm not well versed in French Canadian depictions. She comes with a special alternate hand though, to simulate when she used to hold hands with her twin brother in order to make their superpowers go into overdrive. It's kinda sweet.

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  1. Pretty awesome Mini-Mates set! Nice to see Alpha Flight getting there due.