Monday, March 11, 2013

Autopsy Gear Dana Scully

I've been trying to get this Autopsy Scully figure for a while, but I never was able to get it for a price I liked on e-Bay. So imagine my surprise when I saw it at a Doctor Who convention for exactly what I wanted to pay for it.


Because it's Agent Dana Scully in her Autopsy gear. If I was only going to get one X-Files 1:6 scale figure (and that might very well be the case) it was going to be this one. Because Autopsy Scully is one of the greatest variants for a toy figure ever. It seems like this character appeared in this garb every other episode, because for some reason she didn't trust anyone else to run an autopsy on a dead body that may or may not have been killed my people with paranormal abilities. So hey, that deserves to be honored as an action figure!

The figure's accessories are based on her props from these autopsy scenes. They include a human stomach, her safety goggles and a mini-tape recorder for her to report her findings into.

The likeness isn't dead on, but for $30 it's good enough to get the idea across, and with Autopsy Scully, that's all I ask.

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  1. I run across one of these or other X-File figures on flea market trips every once in a great while.