Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Three Doctors set

Why did I buy this set? Because it's the first new Classic Companion figure in what seems like years. We get Jo Grant and the Brigadier in their Three Doctors outfits. Also a Gel guard. The Gel Guard is hollow and only has one point of articulation, that claw moves up and down. But that's pretty much all the Gel Guards did on the show too, so that's actually pretty accurate.

The Brigadier is pretty great in this set. The likeness is amazingly good. REALLY GOOD. I'm always impressed by how accurate most of the Doctor Who 5 inch figures are to the actors they depict and this is one of the better one.

But the real surprise was Jo Grant. The likeness is pretty good, but in what I find an amazing thing for them to do: she can take off her coat. That's right, you can remove the main coat piece and the figure comes with alternate unflocked arms. It's fricking amazing. Also amazing: She has a cut waist underneath her dress. This has me really angry that they've changed the main line into a 4 inch figure series. Ah well, at least my classic figures will still be in this scale.

I can't tell you how relieved I was that they finally made new companions for the Classic Line of the Doctor Who figures. Even if, true to form, they've already announced that the next set with Classic Companions are will consist of Jo and the Brigadier in two in different outfits. They're packed with a humanoid in a plain jumpsuit and golden head. So I'm probably going to skip that set. $50 for 1 new character isn't happening. (The new outfits aren't awesome enough that I must have those figures.)

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