Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Kick

Man, Every time I think I'm not going to buy another Kre-o they come out with something like this: Quick Kick. You know the most racist G.I. Joe they ever made... probably, they made a lot of racist GI Joes, but this is the racist Asian G.I. Joe. The guy who goes into warzones not wearing a shirt or shoes because he's just so martial arts.

I just had to get it in all its ridiculous beauty. I don't understand why he comes with a chocolate bar but it's probably a reference to a G.I. Joe episode I never saw. Because damn there were a lot of episodes. Like the One where you find out his parents run a Korean grocery store.


  1. Yeah the chocolate bar is a reference from his first appearance in the Joe cartoons. He was filming a tv commercial for it.

  2. I can't believe I am commenting on this two days in a row, but...

    "Frozen fudgies/ what a treat/ lots of chocolate/ really sweet/ full of taffy, raisins and nuts/ that melts in your mouth /and turns to lead in your guts." Quick Kick in -Pyramid of Darkness


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