Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dr. Whooves and Derpy

Okay, officially the character isn't named on the box, but we all know it's Derpy Hooves, the production error that turned into a fan favorite character. Why? Because the internet, that's why. I just love that they've now made at least two figures of this.

And we also see the popular DR. WHOOVES, the MLP Doctor Who easter egg that has taken the world of Bronies that are also Doctor Who fans (A surprisingly vocal group) by storm. Again, the internet, that's why. He's got an hourglass as his cutie mark, so time travel and all that. I think I just like the idea of a time travelling character in My Little Pony. Or maybe I'm amused that MLP has decided to ponify Doctor Who, but is familiar enough with it to do a pretty accurate parody.

I ended up buying a t-shirt with both of these characters on it. It is ridiculous and hilarious.

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