Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Old Man

Found some series 10 Lego minimates and the only one they had that I wanted was the old man. Look at him, he looks like any old nerdy shopkeep from a sitcom. "You darn kids."

His newspaper though creates an interesting possibility. It's called the "Old Times." Is it a newspaper for old people? Or is it a newspaper that prints news articles from the distant past, allowing older folks and hipster to relive their nostalgia. Or even odder, does this guy live in a city actually named "Old"?

Meanwhile, I can't decide if this guy looks more like Saul from Coming to America or Wally from Mission Hill.


  1. He could be a foil for Scobby Doo and the Gang too.

  2. I vote for Saul, because that's what I thought he was when I first saw him.