Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RC Dalek (12 inches)

My brain is problematic sometimes. I picked up this 12" RC Dalek on ebay for way too much because I wanted a Dalek that is vaguely 1:6 scale. As you can see, it towers over the puny 5" Dalek that has so far been a staple of the Character Building Doctor Who line.

I haven't even put batteries into this ting. I just like looking at how large it is.

And here it is next to a 1:6 scale figure.

Yes, it's even larger than the 1:6 scale Clone Trooper. So it's not in scale, unless you want to believe Daleks are physically imposing... which fortunately I do.

Unfortunately the electronic inside the Dalek control how the eyestalk and head piece move, so those parts are stuck in place until you turn it on. The plunger and gun arm are manipulatable though.

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