Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy Harry

Whenever I find a Muppet figure I don't have at a con I'll ask how much. That's how I found this Crazy Harry figure for an affordable price. Harry was one of the third tier muppets but was notable for being the insane guy who used explosives literally. 

And since everyone loves watching explosions, he became a cult favorite. As a palisades figure he's hit or miss. He doesn't balance well, so thank goodness for the stand. He also doesn't have a Muppetesque body. It just looks like someone shoved a Muppet head on a skinny guy. And the way the head is angled makes it difficult to get his face in a position that looks good when displayed.

The accessories are awesome though. The plunger actually plunges thanks to an internal spring. And a barrel! 

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