Saturday, August 17, 2013


I've been a fan of Orko ever since they revamped his origin for the 2000 era MOTU series/toyline. Somehow Orko as a powerful wizard who lost most of his powers when he travelled to Eternia due to the planet's magical properties is somehow more interesting than incompetent clown. The back of this set adds to that, revealing that Orko is his people's secret agent sent to protect the sword of power and its wielder should the wielder be worthy.

Of course what really makes this toy awesome is that his accessory is an entire figure: Prince Adam, He-Man's much less convincing secret identity. Hidden by the packaging. Adam gets an alternate head and 1.5 swords. Yup, a full sword and one cleaved down the middle with pegs so it can be attached to another sword half.

I wouldn't have gotten this figure except that it was only $10 at Big Lots! and I'm a sucker for toys I'm vaguely interested in that are now 66% lower than they used to be.


  1. Passed on this one when I saw it for others but if it turns up again at our Big Lots I might jump on it. I like the alt head for Adam which is a nice extra.

  2. I thought Orko's magic was reversed in the classic show as well, When he returns home occasionally, his magic works.

  3. Nice find! Went to Big Lots myself today looking for some of these(Clawful)and struck out.

  4. I was able to find this one and Megator - I haven't gotten around to opening or reviewing mine yet, but I'm glad I got them! Nice score for $10!