Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cyberman and Psycho Pirate

So I picked up a couple 3.75" figures over the last few weeks. Among them: the Cyberman and DC Infinite Heroes Psycho Pirate figure. Psycho Pirate only because it was insanely cheap at a Tuesday Morning which had some MattyCollector stuff.

Surprisingly, the better figure is the Psycho Pirate. 

The Cyberman has 9 points of articulation, mostly hinge or cut joints with limited movement. Psycho Pirate has 14 points of articulation, including a waist cut which the Cyberman does not. End result: a limited amount of poses for the Cyberman. Which is a shame since I love Cyberman figures.

The 3.75" Doctor Who Range is proving to be a big disappointment compared to their old 5" line. Especially since the price isn't changing to reflect the diminished figures. (Diminished as in smaller size and lower quality.) Thank goodness the Classics line is staying 5" 

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