Monday, November 18, 2013

Rescue and Robot Hulk

So there's this thing about Marvel minimates, where every wave usually has to include an A-list hero because those sell more than the lesser known characters. It makes sense. But it kinda trickles down into every minimate release kinda weird. So the character "Rescue" is Pepper Potts. In the comics she has shrapnel that is threatening her heart in a replay of the Iron Man origin. Tony gives her an arc reactor to save her life and then follows that up by giving her personalize Iron Man armor that only has defensive and emergency rescue capabilities because she only wants to save people, not fight crime or save the world.

So when they make a minimate of her it's as "Rescue Armor Iron Man." If you didn't bother to  read the description on the back you would assume it was just a new Iron Man Armor. Of course they add a second "Pepper Potts" head, so it's very OBVIOUSLY the character "Rescue" but no one knows who Rescue is unless they're a recent comic book reader. Everyone knows who Iron Man is, who of course that's the name they put on the box. Love the figure though.

Also Robot Hulk. I know there's a comic book explanation, but I don't care. It's a robot designed to look like the Hulk. That's all I need. 

Of course if you want the comic book story, where there's a tiny dude driving the Robot Hulk body, this set includes enough alternate limbs to create that.

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  1. At first i thought the title of this post was "Rescue Robot Hulk" and i thought "Whoa, I need to see what this is" lol.