Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Mystery Machine

The Character Building Mystery Machine. Normally $35, it was on sale recently for $20.

I can't recommend this set. Do not buy it. Do not buy anything from Character Building if it has decals on it.

Character Building sets always have this one issue that I can't get past, they want you to put stickers over the brick seams. This means that once you've put a set together you can never take it apart. And some stickers are meant to cover 3 or 4 bricks. It feels cheap and unstable. Maybe I might feel different if they used plastic clings as the decals instead of paper stickers, but I feel like adding the stickers makes the build permanent and that removes some of the fun that is inherit in brick construction sets. Why go for a clunky model if you plan on removing the rebuilding aspect? And why remove the rebuilding aspect if on the box you point out that you can use the bricks to build a completely different model? Well, no I can't. Not if I've put the stickers on, because now those bricks can't be taken apart without destroying the stickers and then I can never build the mystery machine again.


Meanwhile the only good part of Character Building, the minifigures, are great.


  1. I think on this set, and only this set, I am ok with it.

  2. Lame about the decals. I want this set for the Scooby Doo and Fred figures but I'll wait until it goes on clearance someday, or they release those figures individually.