Thursday, January 23, 2014

Luke Skywalker

When they were announced I figured I'd only pick up the 6 inch Star Wars Black figures that spoke to me as a Star Wars fan who knows a lot of the back story due to a nerdiness for the franchise in high school that waned in college and into adulthood. I'd say I'm  mid-level Star Wars geek now, so I know far more than people who just watch the movies but not as much as a deep Star Wars fan. Which is why it's easy for me to just pick up a few Star Wars figures every now and then.

So who do I want in the 6 inch line? The main heroes and Vader, I suppose. But which versions?

When it comes to Luke I think I prefer his X-wing outfit, because that's when he's actually doing something other than being a Jedi. When he's in his X-wing uniform it's a reminder that he's not just the chosen one, he has other interests, jobs and skills other than Jedi. Because when he first started the series he knew he was a good pilot, and then he proved it with only a tiny bit of help from the force. You know, before he hung out with Yoda and then only did force related crap.

I like to think that his time as an X-Wing grunt is what kept the rest of the rebels from viewing him as a weirdo outsider. Remember when he joined us in the battle of Yavin, when he was in the trenches with the rest of the pilots? Luke knows what it's like to be one of us, even if he has magic powers now.

Of course I may just be talking out of my ass, and I'm just rationalizing this as my choice because it's the only Luke available right now and I bought it to have a 6 inch scale Luke Skywalker. 

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  1. This would be the Luke i would buy if i was in the market for one.