Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shanna the She Devil and Savage Land Reaper

Okay, first off, this is Sauron. The giant pterodactyl X-men villain. Sure, it says it's a Savage Land Reaper, but even the description of the figure points out that the Savage Land Reapers look just like Sauron. But Sauron and Shanna rarely ever meet, so instead we use the fact that these Reaper dudes were the disposable bad guys in a recent Wolverine story co-starring Shanna. (Because the guy who wrote/drew the story really likes drawing wild blonde jungle women in loincloths.)

Personally I think the Sauron figure is a little too complicated for a minimate, but I'm probably in a minority when it comes to overly compliclated minimate design. (The ball jointed tail is a nice touch, but it's effectively a cut joint.) But I prefer the wing design on this figure than I've seen on other minimates. Here they're attached to the hands rather than ring accessories meant to be worn around the forearm. Far more stable this way. I'm also not a fan of the weird leg design, with the backward jointed foot which has no articulation in order for the figure to have any semblance of being able to stand on its own.

Shanna is what she is, an attempt to do cheesecake with a minimate body. Your mileage will vary, but the animal skin bikini paint job they did isn't too different than the flesh colored plastic so it kinda just looks like they made a flesh colored minimate with drawn on musculature. It's really weird.

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