Friday, July 11, 2014

Catman and Spider-Girl

I've begun to open a lot of the figures I've put aside in the last few years because I need to make room. Let's start with these two.

Originally introduced as AraƱa, the character Anya Corazon was rebranded as Spider-Girl because damned if Marvel was going to let a franchise go to waste. When she first debuted she got some press for being a teenaged latina superhero... and now she's a supporting player in the Spider-Man comics wearing a hand-me-down costume from the 80's Spider-Woman. Whatever. The character had/has some potential and that's why I'm celebrating that they made a Marvel Legends figure of her, even if it is in the Amazing Spider-Man Legends wave listed as "Skyline Sirens" so they could use the same packaging for the Black Cat figure. Ugh. Why would you call her a siren? She doesn't sing and no part of her powers has anything to do with music or noise.

Then there's Catman, which I got back when I was trying to build a comprehensive 6-inch set of Batman villains. I've given up on that and have moved on to trying to do that in the 1:6 scale, but I'm still amused they made a Catman action figure, so I opened the toy.


  1. I always liked that Catman figure myself and the Spider-Girl is nice.

  2. I'm bummed I never picked up that Catman, and I never saw Spider-girl at retail! Both look great!