Thursday, July 3, 2014

Imaginext blind bag series 3

Found some Imaginext blind bag figures and decided to go with radiation guy over  Barbarian Santa (he comes with scimitars that have candy cane hilts) because I like hazmat suited figures. It seems like such an unlikely profession to tell kida about.

Anyway, when you open it up the helmet isn't onthe figure so you get to see the dude's face... And it seems like they designed thia preschool toy to look like chemist/drug kingpin/killer Walter White from Breaking Bad.



  1. Very cool!

    I just got into these. I was able to order series 1 and found all of two except for Frankenstein last night. I definitely want all of three as well, as this guy is just awesome and so bizarre!

  2. These haven't turned my way yet but am sure they will soon enough.

  3. I just thought the Santa was a generic Cossack, but you say his swords have candy-cane hilts?!?! I need to get that one now!