Friday, July 25, 2014

Sleepy Bear

Target had these miniatures for under $1. They're blind packed but they have a hole on the package that lets you see what color the figure is. I found that one of them was Sleep Bear and Sleepy Bear has become my favorite Care Bear due to a combination of childhood nostalgia (I liked the blue colored bears) and my newly found appreciation of naps. So easy choice to get this and set it up near my desk.

The figures aren't too impressive, really they're all recolored versions of the same mold with a different tummy symbol. (There are 3 possible poses and each bear gets 2 figures based on some of those poses. The difference is pretty much which hand they have raised: left, right or both.) I might be annoyed if I got this at full price, but for under $1, it's fine.

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