Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fourth Doctor

I got into Doctor Who when I was a teenager. And when you're a teenager you try to prove that you're unique. So when all the people said how Tom Baker was the best actor to play the Doctor, I rebelled. "It's only because he did it the longest," I grumbled and promptly picked Colin Baker as my favorite Doctor. Keep in mind, this is before I'd ever seen any episodes with either actor.

After actually watching numerous episodes, and maturing a little, I can admit that I fully understand why people loved Tom Baker's Doctor. (The Fourth Doctor.) He's fun to watch. He's one of my favorites now, so when they made a toy of him I thought it was pretty cool.

I also though he'd be insanely hard to get. After all, he's everyone's favorite Doctor. So I put him low on my priority list. But then I started collecting the Classic figures, and after seeing how awesome they were, I needed a Tom Baker. And yes, they were insanely hard to get... at a reasonable price. Fortunately I found one for the price I was willing to pay. And here it is.

The Fourth Doctor actually wore a number of different costumes. They were designed to make him look Bohemian. Fortunately he had one pretty consistant accessory. The Scarf. It's his trademark. (Although he did forego it a few times. Like when he wore the Scottish garb in the Talons of Wang-Chiang. I hear it's going to be a variant.) So really, as long as he looked scruffy and had the scarf people would love it.

Actually I quite like the figure. It has a good amount of articulation (the entire classics line does. Hooray.) The likeness is quite good (the jowls don't seem quite right though) and it comes with a interchangeable head without the hat. I don't like the grim expression on the second head, but eh. The scarf does a good job of hiding the neck connection which I hated on the other Doctor Who figure with interchangeable head. (Gas Mask Zombie/Doctor Constantine)

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  1. My first Doctor Who as a small child was actually Jon Pertwee and I remember it taking me a while to warm to Tom Baker! As an adult, however, I absolutely LOVE his Doctor - I recently tracked down "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" - a classic series that terrified me at the time!