Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cobra Officer (GI Joe 25th Anniversary)

Why did I buy this?

Troop building! As flashy as higher-profile characters are, if you're collecting a toy line that involves military forces, it's always good to bolster the collection with a number of grunt figures.

Any regrets?

Look at those arms. Note that the figure is standing in the most neutral position possible. Yes, the arms are poorly sculpted and totally wonky, thus ruining what I consider the all-important neutral "just standing on the shelf" pose. This is particularly a big impediment for the figure since one of its two accessories is a rifle it cannot hold properly due to the sculpt and inadequate articulation. The other accessory (not counting the removable helmet and resquite figure base), is a narrow knife sheathed on the left leg, which is just weak.

Am I happy with my purchase?

After opening the packaging I was quickly disappointed. It's fine if you just want to stick it in a vehicle, but if you want to assemble a row of lower-tier Cobra soldiers on your shelf, this is not the best choice.

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