Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wonder Man & Union Jack

One of the big problems with hard to find exclusives is that when you finally get one and it's not 100% you're reluctant to return it because God only knows when you'll be able to find another one. That's my problem with these guys. They're Toys R' Us exclusives, but they're hard to find because Toys R' Us doesn't really support minimates all that much. They don't restock them that often. So when I found them on the shelves I snatched them up because I really wanted Union Jack to fill out my Invaders line-up. (He also looks awesome.)

But he didn't come with his knife. Now looking at it one way, his knife is a small accessory I might lose anyway and it's almost unnoticable. But on the other hand HE'S SUPPOSED TO COME WITH HIS KNIFE. This is only 99% of the proper figure. Ugh. I think I need to contact Art Asylum over this.

Other than that these guys are great. Union Jack looks great. I'm not a huge fan of Wonder Man's current utilitarian costume, (seriously, dude looks like a utility worker) but it's a good representation of it.

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