Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marvel Minimates Wave 24

They keep getting me to buy the variant figures by making them more awesome than the regular ones. This time the variant is the Tarantula, who is just ridiculous and thus must be owned in minimate form, where ridiculous characters can be cherished because why the hell would you make a minimate version of them?

That pretty much sums up the entire wave actually. I mean Cosmic Spider-Man? The Shocker? It's like they decided to pick up everything I love about the Spider-Man mythos solely for the fact that it's become a huge joke. Also, they finally made a new version of Black-Costume Spider-Man that doesn't cancel out completely the original one they did as a variant way back in the single digit waves.

Of particular interest is the new version of Venom who comes with enough pieces to recreate 3 different costumes.

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