Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tunnel Rat & Storm Shadow (GI Joe: Resolute)

I fricking love Tunnel Rat. I never really paid him any mind during the original run of GI Joe ARAH came out, but ever since college I loved him. Why? Racial identity issues. In all of GI Joe, Tunnel Rat is the only Asian whose primary character trait isn't that he's a martial arts master. Quick Kick is fricking Bruce Lee and everyone else is a ninja. But Tunnel Rat? Tunnel Rat is a grunt who happens to be especially good at fucking shit up in small confined passageways. So show the love for Tunnel Rat, defying the prevalent stereotypes in GI Joe.

Meanwhile he's packaged with one of the big 2 ninjas in the Joe-iverse. But this version of Storm Shadow isn't wearing the ninja threads, he's all about the samurai gear, which I don't really get, since it seems that'd be an issue when you're fighting a wave of infantry with machine guns, but whatever, it's GI Joe. They have a military called "Ninja Force". (Incidentally, if the military did create a branch called "Ninja Force" I bet enlistment would rise.) I like his helmet, and more importantly he comes with an amusing mask that also can be worn by other 3.75" scale figures.

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