Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kinda about toys, sorta.

Lego Rock Band announced

A lot of people are wondering, "What the hell is the point of this?"

Personally, I can see it. Lego Rock Band's song set is primarily designed to strongly favor pop songs. The revealed songs wouldn't be out of place on a Kidz Bop or NOW That's What I call Music CD. The Rock Band brand is more identified with "ROCKING OUT" as opposed to "GREAT FOR KIDS!" But here's the thing, working at a library that actually has Rock Band sessions for the public: KIDS LOVE THIS GAME. So if you were to offer them the Rock Band Experience coupled with the pop songs they like then you have a hit.

But in order to not offend the "ROCKERS!" that love the primary Rock Band brand and are afraid that a "Pop Lite" Rock Band would weaken their rocker cred, you release Lego Rock Band and say, look guys, you see this: This is essentially Diet Coke. If you drink regular Coke you still get to say you're a hardcore Coca Cola drinker, but they're also letting people who want a smoother beverage get in on the Coke action so they can serve them too.

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