Monday, April 27, 2009

Big Barda (New Gods: DC Direct)

Why did I buy this toy?
Long story short, I bought the DC Universe Classics Mister Miracle figure and decided I needed a Big Barda figure to round it out. See I'm one of those that think that the two are a package deal. Their story is pretty awesome, but pretty much they're husband and wife who escaped from a life of servitude and opression to become superheroes.

Big Barda came out recently as part of the DC Universe Classics line. But I went with the DC Direct Big Barda that was released as part of the New Gods Line. This is mostly because the Big Barda from DC Universe Classics isn't in the proper scale. In the comic books Big Barda is big. She towers over most others, even her husband. The DC Universe Classics is small, smaller than her husband. Meanwhile the larger scale of the DC Direct figures means that this Barda is larger than the DC Universe Classics figures, and thus is a more proper scale with the line.

Any regrets?
Since I went with the DC Direct figure over the DCU Classics figure I needed to be prepared for less articulation. I'm surprised how much more less I should have been prepared. I really thought the shoulder were ball joints. They aren't. They're peg joints and thus the range of movement is insanely restricted.

Are you happy with your purchase?
Yeah. On the shelf everything looks just right. Barda is bigger than her husband, as it should be.

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