Monday, April 6, 2009

Secret Invasion Boxset (minimates)

Why did I buy that toy?
One of the things I like about minimates is that the various bits and pieces are interchangable. Spider-man's head on Batman's body? No problem. So the idea that they came out with a boxset with extra heads to swap onto existing minimates? WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THEY THINK TO DO THIS BEFORE?!

The Skrull heads are perfect for this. They're shape-changers so them sporting someone else's body with a skrull head makes perfect sense.

Also, this boxset has the very first versions of Furry-Blue Beast, Green Phoenix, and Jewel. Now I don't give a crap about Jewel, an attempt by Bendis to do a Spider-Woman homage, but I likes the Claremont Era X-men. In minimate form, it's a must get. And the fact that the back of their heads can rotate around so they can become skrulls? Neat.

Any regrets?
The Skrull half of Beast's head is still visible when he's supposed to be beast. So Beast actually looks "green around the gils."

Am I happy with my purchase?
Sure. I really like those extra skrull heads. And the green Phoenix and 80's Beast mean I'm that much closer to creating a full Dark Phoenix Saga era X-Men line-up. And the last bit (classic Angel) is coming out with the Champions Boxset. Soon. Very soon.

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