Thursday, April 16, 2009

A shame really.

I went to Target and saw the Star Trek and Terminator movie toys.

Wow, they really look like ass. And what about the part where you pay $25 for a Star Trek playset but it isn't complete unless you buy all the figures with their add-on pieces?

That's bullshit, that is.

It's all a real shame, because I'd love to get a 3.75" Sulu or Spock. But these look horrible.

Oh man. I just realized. They look like the knock-off toys you can get in Chinatown.


  1. They have the Terminator toys at Target? Huh.

  2. I totally agree with you!!! From what I've seen of the Terminator toys...I am going to pass on them!

  3. I still have the urge to buy the Simon Pegg Scotty figure.

  4. But it doesn't look like Simon Pegg or Scotty. It looks like the Kirk head. So does Pike & Checkov actually. They used the same damned head.


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