Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cyberman - The Invasion

Why did you buy that toy?
"The Invasion" was the first Cybermen story to feature the head that all future Cybermen costumes would copy. The tear drop eye has even survived into the New Series Cybermen design. Actually the head design seen here was used for every Cybermen story through the 80's, which is my favorite Cybermen design. But since none of those designs were made into a toy, I had to get this one since it's the next best thing.

Any regrets?
Out of the entire line, this toy has the least amount of articulation. The head has limited movement, the hips are prevented from having any articulation due to the design of the torso, and there are no bicep swivel joints that the newer Doctor Who figures have. The hip issue actually makes it harder to balance the figure in a standing position.

As if to make up for the lack of articulation, this is the only Cyberman in the wave to have a blaster, although one it can barely hold onto.

Are you happy with your purchase?
Yeah, I guess. It is a Cyberman action figure with my favorite head design. But it definitely could have been improved.

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